7494 Mary Street, Mission, British Columbia, Fraser River Heritage Park (604) 826-0210


Covid-19Safety Plan

The following policies and procedures have been put in place effective May 2020.

Limiting the number of people and ensuring physical distancing
-Staff shifts have been staggered for arrival, breaks and departure
-Created one person workstations
-Deliveries are staggered and scheduled
-Reduced customers as per Public Health Orders
-Occupancy Limits have been determined and posted
-Guest’s group can be no more than 6 people
-Dining tables are all 2 meters apart
-An additional table has been added to each dining table to use as a service table, where we place
everything for the customers, they move items to their table and return them when finished for pick up
by staff
-All guest tables are by staggered reservations which have a start and end time to allow for safe entering
and exiting
-Guests are required to use hand sanitizer when entering
-Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the building for guests and staff
-Guests are escorted to their tables
-All staff follow walking routes to minimize contact with each other

Barriers and Partitions
-Acrylic barriers are in place at the host station
-Acrylic barriers are in place at the barista station
-Acrylic barriers are in place at the cashier station

Rules and Guidelines for Staff

-Developed procedures for arrival at work
-Trained staff on handwashing and the use of hand sanitizers, instructions are posted at all hand sinks
and in restrooms
-Whenever possible the same staff are working together for their shifts
-Using separate workstations whenever possible
-Walking routes have determined to avoid close contact, using pull-out spaces where routes are narrow
-Shared equipment and tools to be sanitized more frequently
-Assigning equipment and supplies for each staff member for their shift which are sanitized during the
shift as necessary and at the end of shift
-All high touch areas are sanitized regularly

-All staff are required to wear masks and to remain 2 meters apart whenever possible
-Effective November 11, 2020 all guests will be requested to wear masks on arrival until seated, on trips
to the restroom and when leaving

Covid-19 Safety Plan 2 Revised November 9, 2020